Welcome !

UGA will begin welcoming students back to campus at the start of the academic year. However, the current health crisis will have an impact on how the back-to-school period and the academic year are conducted.

Yassine Lakhnech, President of Université Grenoble Alpes, welcomes you for the new school year.

Your health is our priority

Every effort is made to ensure both the safety of all and optimal study conditions for all students.

To protect ourselves and others, let's keep the right reflexes on campus and let's respect together some simple sanitary rules.

All masked!

New: from september 10, the wearing of masks becomes required outside on Saint Martin d'Hères campus.

Your welcome schedule

Your back-to-school period includes both welcome events specific to your study programme and meetings and information sessions for all students.

For the start date for your term and information on your classes and academic reception, visit the website of your department, school, faculty or institute.